Thursday, March 24, 2005

Giddiyap, Spring

Barrel Rider, Cowtown Rodeo, Ft. Worth, March 2005
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Okay, I changed my mind.

Even though the calendar says it's spring, the weather outside today is nasty. Foggy, damp, freezing cold, with a wind off the lake that brought tears to my eyes as I left the building.

I need something to warm me up. So, no pictures of skinny runway models.

Herewith, instead, a completely gratuitous hot gay cowboy.

Knitting Notes

The London beanie is 95% of the way there and will leave the needles tonight. Preliminary fittings are very promising - unlike most hats I've bought, it doesn't have two extra feet of fabric at the top.

Now, the question is, can I knit a matching eight foot scarf in time to wear the ensemble to Amsterdam?

On iTunes right this minute: Carole King, "Chicken Soup with Rice" from Really Rosie


Crepe Suzette said...

"In March the wind blows down the door
And spills hot soup upon the floor.
It laps it up and roars for more!
Blowin' once! Blowin' Twice!
Blowin' chicken soup with rice!"

I'm all caught up on your blog, brother dear--and love ya more than ever.

Colleen said...

Ummm, is that just the wind blowing his shirt out or does he have something desperately wrong with his back???

Seriously, though, have I ever told you how much I love all your photos?

Franklin said...

Colleen, that's just his shirt blowing back, silly. I assure you the gentlemen in question had nothing whatever wrong with his shape in any way.

And you may feel free to tell my you love my photos any time. You may feel equally free to tell me when you feel any of them miss the mark - constructive criticism is most helpful.

Glad you like the blog, Suzette, considering you inspired it in the first place!

aqui said...

This will not really work, I suppose this way.