Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Alfresco Knitting

Whenever I read or hear somebody's sad comments on his or her stormy relationship with a sibling, my heart fills up with pity. Me, I got lucky. My sister is a wonderful person who knows exactly how to make me smile.

For example, she sends me dispatches from her lovely vacations in the wilds of Maine (four postcards! four!), and then afterwards takes care to send me shots like this.

Somewhere in the happy hunting/knitting grounds, she who wrote Knitter's Almanac while floating around Wisconsin in a canoe is smiling.

If you're trapped in an office or at home with the flu, Susan's lavishly illustrated account of her hiking trip (accompanied by husband, dogs, and scarf-in-progress) might do you a world of good.

Posts about my own knitting-in-progress tomorrow. Alas, I'm working the needles on the subway and in coffee shops, not on a rocky and picturesque coastline. But it's better than not knitting at all.


greg said...

Franklin, What a day brightener your blog is today! We who have great sisters are lucky, and like you, I too taught my sister how to knit. Maybe sisters who have boys like us for brothers are lucky too. Greg

Cheryl said...

I know I wish my brother was like you. And wish I had a sister like Sue... I have no sister...though I do have a brother...he's nice...but he's not you.

Sister Sue said...

Greg said, "Maybe sisters who have boys like us for brothers are lucky too." He's right. I'm super lucky. Franklin's the best (why else would I send him and C. four postcards? BTW, I think C.'s pretty neat, too.)

goblinbox said...

Knitting on a beach.


Kim in Oregon said...

I can't believe you're STILL knitting on the L. It IS dangerous you know.


Typesetter said...

The use of the term "al fresco" that is done in the states always drives me mad with laughter. In Italian it means "in jail".

birdfarm said...

Kim in Oregon stole my thunder, but I'll say what I was gonna say anyway.

And we must commend Susan who, unlike her brother, clearly has some consideration for others' safety--she knits in places where her needles could never, ever accidentally get into other people's eyes.

Unless maybe a hurricane hit Maine and... oh, god, why didn't I think of that? (Surely that's at least as likely as the subway-needle-disaster scenario).

Clearly, knitting, like the study of live smallpox virus, can only safely be done in small locked rooms with appropriate protective equipment.

JoVE said...

Yes, be thankful for great siblings. My relationship with mine has never been bad but kind of neutral.

And hurricanes do happen in Maine (didn't Juan hit there last year on it's way to devastating Halifax?) but if you didn't knit on the subway, why would anyone knit socks?

Anonymous said...

As I've said before to Joe, I'd kill for a brother like you.
-- Carol S.

Anonymous said...

Coming in late on the office bitch...ever hear the joke about the two women, one keeps bragging on what her husband gave, the other says "That's nice!" The punch line is the other woman went to finishing school and learned to say "that's nice" instead of "fuck you".
My coworkers and I always said "that's nice" to the bitch's clone who worked with us. Took the pressure off for us, made no waves.
My kid handls people like that by smiling his widest friendliest smile and saying very sincerly "Thank you!" to every comment. Pisses them right off and they can't do a thing.
Barb B.

Sorka said...

Well I will be following in your sister's footsteps in Maine next week.. No.. I won't be stalking her.. Just hopefully doing some of those hikes and a little knitting at the beach! I do love it up there!!
And yes she is great! Isn't it nice to get along with your sibling! I think so!

Rabbitch said...

Ack! Knitting on the beach! Next thing you know there'll be seagulls with their eyes poked out all over the place and we'll have to start some damned charity to get them seeing eye dogs and then the dogs will EAT the seagulls and it'll all just be horrible and SISTER SUE is all to blame.

I'm going to start drinking early to deal with the trauma. OK by you?

Pat said...

I just returned from ME. My favorite moment was pulling out my little collapsible chair and sitting at the top of Mt. Cadillac knitting - talk about getting some strange looks. One guy stopped and made some wise-ass comment about how his mother used to do that. I told him it was the only place I could find peace and quiet. said...

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