Thursday, August 18, 2005

How Fast Can I Type?

I'm on my lunch break. The first one I've had this week. It's only 15 minutes long, but that's better than nothing.

My Stitches Midwest Diary has brought a lot of compliments, a lot of comments, and apparently a lot of new readers. I'm floored. Thank you all. I wish Blogger made individual replies easier. I'm going to try to get to those.

New York City Bound

C and I leave tomorrow morning for a weekend in NYC. I'm excited as all hell. A bunch of you made suggestions for yarn shopping. Alas, it looks like only KnitNY is going to fit into the schedule, most of which is out of my control, some time on Saturday, and probably only for a couple minutes. I am a little bummed about that. I would have liked some time to set up a yarn crawl with Mark and Sahara and whoever else would like to play guide and a trip to John's shop. On the other hand, I never seem to be away from the City too long these days. I'll be back. So don't get silly and move to Jersey in the meantime, okay? (No offense, Marilyn.)

Speaking of Sahara

Have you seen her work?

She ought to be running the fashion end of things at Knitter's. Then we might see some real style. Not that she would necessarily want the job, given the one splendid one she's got now.

When she writes about a project in progress, you get much more than "finished 12 more rows," you get an object lesson in paying attention to detail and how a designer thinks about a work in progress. And you also get a wonderful sense of her vibrant community of knitters and needleworkers. I always come away feeling inspired. It's enough to make a boy move to the Bronx.

Stitches Stuff I Forgot

I know, I know, what could I possibly have left out?

I won a door prize. A bracelet. 3,000 knitting-related door prizes and I got a bracelet. But now I can't say I never win anything.

I also would like to apologize to Nancy Bush, if by some slim chance she's reading this, for gushing over her so profusely at the market. I simply could not help it. I'm also sorry about getting drool on the advance copy of her new book, which had just been sent to her and which she let me riffle through. It looks wonderful, people. (see, there I go again.)

As we walked away, I asked Jon if I'd been too much of a sycophant. "Yes. You were kvelling," he said. Oh, great.

And Finally, A Photo

Veliko Gradiste, Romania, 2004
Veliko Gradiste, Romania, 2004

This is for me, to remind me that when I come home, the finishing touches on the portfolio are task number one. I must resist the siren song of all that Jo Sharp until the portfolio is finished and I've made a pitch to the two places at the top of my list that show photos.

Oh, and that picture looks like crap when compressed for Internet viewing. But the bell's rung, and lunch is over. Back to work.


doloreshaze said...

Hey Franklin-If you don't find me scary as hell from Joe and Mar's blogs, drop me a line and I'd be happy to show you to the finest in all things wooly in NYC. (Mar, Joe and the gang can vouch for the fact that I'm mostly harmless.)

goblinbox said...

Have so much fun in the Big Apple!

markknitz said...

hey, Franklin--
Shoot me a line when you're in town! maybe we can meet up somewhere!

john said...

You're coming here??!?!?!?! We must at LEAST pass each other on the street and say hi! I'd love for you to come to the shop! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Will you have your own posse of simpering sycophants?
Do you think you'll have a show in the spring, when Tut is there?
You used the words, "Leica", and "Calumet" together in one sentence way back when. I've been simpering since then.

dragon knitter said...

that picture is fantastic, even compressed for internet viewing. you were there in 2004? wow! i'm suitably impressed. and yes, your stitches diary was wonderful! can't wait for your next excursion into knitting conventions. and yes, i agree, that sweater with the cat & the squirrel was excruciating.

Rachel said...

Franklin, you are an amazing photographer. I second the sentiment that even compressed for Internet viewing, the picture is stunning. I can't even begin to imagine how much more beautiful it would look hanging on a gallery wall. This will happen. Oh yes.

Jon said...

Have fun in NYC, babes. You'll be missed!!!

So when are we moving to the bronx? bawahahahahahahahaha

Sahara said...

Dearest Franklin,

You and C are probably in New York by now. Darn, please forgive me for not being around. I couldn't say too much on my blog, as Ms. F may read it.

I'm obligated to go to this TIRED HETERO COUPLES' PARTY. NONE of the women of these couples are feeling me, I will be forced to deal with them and WORSE, I will get no knitting time in. Mr. K is none too happy either. As a progressive Australian, he dosen't share the puerile, football masculinity of the men who will be there. BWAAAA! There, I'm over it now.

Give C a BIG birthhday kiss for me, and tell Jimmy at the Boys Night at Knit NY I said hello, and will see him at the Wednesday group in September. Do try to get to School Products for their AWESOME prices on cashmere!

And thanks so much for the compliment on my work. YOU should be doing the photo shoot at Knitters (if only you didn't have to deal with RM. Lord).


Marie said...

As I was walking in the atrium of the Vancouver Public Library today, I saw an art exhibit apparently sponsored by (I think that's spelling.) It seemed quite unlikely, but any connection?

Marilyn said...

Harmless? Ms. Haze is most certainly not harmless. She's the most evil lezzie bitch imaginable. And I love her to death.

Hope you had fun in NYC. And maybe made it to Habu Textiles as well as School Products.

threadingwater said...

Adored your commentary on Stitches, especially your rag on R Mondragon and that whole Maggie thang. Think he was bad Friday? Sat. was WORSE. Wish I'd been at YOUR table Friday. Come visit when you have a chance and view my fave purchase . . . a 1976 pattern book titled "Mostly Male" that I scooped up for 75 cents.

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